It began in the year 2000. Leopard print was having a major fashion moment, and 13 year old Dina Wilkins was all aboard the craze. 

"One day, I remember thinking- what if somebody designed a reversible jacket with leopard fur one one side, and zebra fur on the other, so you could always feel the soft fur against your skin?" Sounds like the musings of a zany 13 year old now, but it was that moment that Dina decided she would one day become a fashion designer.

She would work and hone in on her skill and craft for the next 20 years. What started as an idea became a hobby, a passion, an obsession, a career. She never did make that reversible furry jacket, but instead began to learn the ins and outs of sewing, pattern making, and design. In 2020, after years of dreaming, Alchemy & Sorcery was born.

3 years later, Alchemy & Sorcery is a favorite of LA stylists and it girls, and has been featured in publications such as LO'AMMI Magazine, Moveux Magazine, and L'Officiel Arabia. The new Fall 2023 collection is the brand's best yet, and combines a sexy and fun sensibility, with wearable one-of-a-kind garments. Classic fall pieces such as pleated skirts get a modern update. Oversize jackets made in lush jacquards get a sporty treatment. Little party dresses, and tweed matching sets hang side by side. 

As Dina puts it, "this collection is our brand evolving. The brand signatures of beautiful, interesting, metallic fabrics are all there, with a more sophisticated take. This is the start of something good, and we hope people see that and come along for the ride."